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Bin Sizes

MAMS Plant Hire has the following Industrial Bins for Hire:-

  • 1.5M3 Bin
  • 2.6M3 Bin
  • 3.0M3 Bin

Authorised Wastes

All domestic wastes; - degradable waste, including putriscible waste and household waste;
All carboards, plastics and soft industrial waste;
All Medical/Sanitary Waste, Hazardous Waste or any other prescribed waste as listed on the Schedule

Prohibited Wastes

Aluminium drums;
All steels and metals;
Poison Containers;
Bio-Chemical Wastes;
Flammable & Explosive wastes;
Regulated Wastes as identified by the Environmental Protection Regulation 1998.
MAMS PLANT HIRE may at our discretion refuse to handle or remove any waste or prohibited waste.

Service Schedule

The minimum service for an Industrial Bin is fortnightly, however, customers may have their Industrial Bin serviced as frequently as required on our scheduled service days of Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.


MAMS Plant Hire will supply the Industrial Bin and will be responsible for maintaing the bin in good serviceable condition.

Customer Service Agreements

Customers who request an Industrial Bin Service are requested to accept the Terms and Conditions outlined in our Customer Service Agreements.


Commercial Tip Fees is one of the major costs in an Industrial Bin Service and during the last two years we have been monitoring these costs. As of the 1st October 2009, an Extra Service Fee will apply to customers whose Industrial Bins are overfull.

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